About Us

The Indian Institute of Metals is a premier organization representing materials and metallurgical engineers in India. Founded in 1946 by a group of metallurgists led by Dr. D.P. Antia, IIM is the largest professional organization for metallurgist in India with over 8000 members from R&D laboratories, academia and industry. The two main objectives of IIM are: promoting and advancing the science and technology of metals and alloys and protecting the interests of metallurgists and metallurgical industry.

Indian Institute of Metals, Pune Chapter

IIM, Pune Chapter is one of the oldest chapters of IIM, established in 1947 under the leadership of Prof. Ogale, a distinguished metallurgist and the then Principal of College of Engineering, Pune. The activities of Pune Chapter include organizing the topical seminars by leading experts from India and abroad and specialized symposia, workshops and seminars like this one, on the topics of current interest to local metallurgical industry. Some of the regular annual events of chapter include Metavista – a national level Technical Paper Competition for Engineering students in collaboration with Dept of Metallurgy, Pune Institute of Engineering and Technology and Pune round of the prestigious Prof. Brahm Prakash Memorial Material Quiz Competition for 11th and 12th grade students.

Pune Chapter has been given the responsibility to organize the prestigious Dr. Dara P Antia Memorial lecture every year. The inaugural lecture was delivered in 2006 by the then Honorable President of India Dr. A P J Kalam. The 2nd Dara P Antia Lecture was delivered by Prof. Ted Massalski on November 12, 2007.