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Prof. Thaddeus B. Massalski

Prof. Thaddeus (Ted) B. Massalski is a Professor Emeritus at the Carnegie Mellon University, USA. His scientific achievements and research contributions cover very broad, fundamental areas of materials science and solid state physics. In the late 1970’s, Ted Massalski had spearheaded the task of compiling a new series of assessed phase diagrams of alloy binary systems. In this pioneering task, Dr. Antia and Prof. Massalski have worked together closely. Born on June 29, 1926, Professor T.B. Massalski has obtained PhD degree from the University of Birmingham in 1954 and D.Sc. in 1964. He was the Director of Research, Mellon Institute and Professor at the Department of Materials Science at Carnegie-Mellon University in Pittsburgh. He is recipient of several prestigious awards including, Hume Rothery Prize of the British Institute of Metals, Aleksander von Humbold Senior award, ASM Gold Medal, Acta Metallurgica Gold medal, Sendzimir Prize, Philbrook Prize. He has published several textbooks and monographs in the field of materials science

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